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M1ndurance Goes to Moab

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Hello Friends and Family!

What is M1ndurance and Why are they going to Moab?

M1ndurance is a community of ultrarunners who chase limits, find success or break, and like what they see on the other side. M1ndurance was founded by Mike McCauley, who died suddenly on March 9, 2021.

On January 1, 2021, Mike registered to run the Moab 240 - a 240 mile endurance run through Moab, Utah. Shortly after his death, one of Mike's closest friends and running partners, Matt Sabath, had the idea to run Moab in Mike's honor and memory.

In 2019, Mike ran a 200+ mile event, tracing his son's cancer journey from Hershey Medical Center to Will's Eye Hospital to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and back to Hershey. This effort was called Endure for a Cure and raised awareness and funds for Four Diamonds. 

Matt would like to partner the two again, a long-distance, ultra run and raising money for the kids. 

Why run Moab?

In Matt's own words:

Why run Moab 240 in Mike's place?  Because Mike saw pushing past limits as the way to reveal the best within one's self.  Mike saw this as a privilege and a responsibility.  Mike felt to not give all of yourself to everything you do was an insult to yourself and everyone you claim to care about.       

This was why he was so passionate about Four Diamonds. The kids and families touched by the insidious beast that is cancer give all of themselves every day.  They weren't asked if they were willing.  They had no say in the matter.     

This is why I'm running Moab in Mike's place.  I hope my humble attempt to push my mind and body past a point it hasn't been to, shines a light on what Mike believed with all his heart and mind.  You can be more than the limit you set for yourself, you can do more for yourself and those around you.     

You want to know what you can do for Mike?  For me, as I train for Moab?  Make a donation, or even better - become a monthly donor to Four Diamonds.  

Let every kid, every family, who is staring down cancer that you're with them, that you're inspired by them, and that the M1ndurance family is with them today, tomorrow, and always.    

I look forward to seeing what limits we can pass and see what wonderful things we reveal about ourselves along the way. 

Thanks, Matt Sabath

For The Kids®!


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